MA-thesis supervision (2010-2022)
BA-thesis (2010-2022)

(R)MA level
Platforms, Data and Cultural Production (2022-)
State of the Art MA NMDC (2022-)
Data-Driven Research & Tools (2018-)
Research Lab 1 MA FTV (2016-)
Personalization for (public) media (2020-2021) [in MSc Applied Data Science]
Television as Play (2014)
Software Studies: Get Real! (2010)

BA level
Data as media (2021-2022)
New Media and Participatory Culture [incl. coordination] (2017-2020)
Social Media in Context [incl. coordination] (2015-2022)
Spaces and Screens (2015-2018)
Digital Data Analysis [incl. coordination] (2015-2017)
Television Analysis (2014)
Introduction to Analysis I (2014)
Introduction to New Media & Digital Culture (2013, [incl. coordination])
History and Theory of New Media (2007 – 2013, [incl. coordination])
Media, Culture and Society (2010)

Guest lecturer
Spaces and Screens (2019-)
Introduction to Television (2015-2017)
Theory and Analysis II